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"1953 - Coronation Ball, Coronation of Queen of Evensong" The Queen of Evensong sits on a throne on a raised platform. She is holding a bouquet of flowers, and there is a draped archway behind her. Standing on either side of her are Vice President…
"1954-55 - Evensong Queen Coronation Ball" Formally attired couples start out in separate lines along the side walls, then meet up at the end of the room under a draped arch over a royal throne, and join together in foursomes to promenade down the…
"1954-55 - Coronation Ball: Glenda Gray, Duane Whitter" Wearing a cap and gown, Duane Whitter escorts Queen Glenda Gray in the procession at the Coronation Ball. She is holding a large bouquet of flowers in her arm.
"1940-49 - Coronation Ball in Auditorium" Dressed in formal attire, young men and women walk in the Evensong procession as part of the celebrations during the Coronation Ball.
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