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"Interior of a smaller Catholic Church toward San Carlos from Binmale. GALA ANACO A-ALAGDENTACA" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Interior: Calasiao Cathedral. After being granted permission, Hill ascended the choir loft for this photograph. 'Whew!' he…
From "Darkroom Soldier": "Altar Table. Hill regularly attended Protestant Sunday services at the 71st Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron chapel, a post and beam structure with thatched walls and steeple. Here, the communion table is arrayed with…
"Interior of Cathedral at San Carlos - central Luzon. Taken from rear choir loft. Good over all coverage"
"Interior from choir loft - of cathedral at San Carlos - Luzon"
"Closer view of altar at the Catholic Cathedral at San Carlos - Luzon"
"Interior of the Catholic Cathedral at San Carlos in central Luzon"
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