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"EOCE total campus - Ackerman Training School - Administration Bldg. - Women's Residence Hall - La Grande, Ore."
"EOCE Campus total by 1940 - Taken by Fred Hill with a 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Speed Graphic while on a Piper Cub flight by Oscar Knight"
"The campus - Eastern Oregon Normal School - 1936"
Eastern Oregon College of Education's Inlow Hall. Cars are parked along both sides of the street next to the building.
"January 15, 1977 - 8th Street Carnival sponsored by Campus Charismatics - Larry Price & Jeff Klick"
"1985, Winter" This is a view of Inlow Hall from some distance down the road that runs between Pierce Library and Badgley Hall. There is snow on the ground, and both evergreens and bare, leafy trees are visible in the picture. There is also one…
"April 1978 - Campus Plan - Foreground: Al Batiste, Background: Lester Anderson"
"April 1978 - Campus Plan - [Seated from left to right:] Jane Carpenter, Al Batiste, Roy Lieuallen, Greg Moore"
"January 1979 - Model of Campus Plan"
An architect's topographical model for campus land improvements. It is labeled, "Eastern Oregon State College - Site Drainage Improvements and Physical Education Fields Relocation - Martin | Soderstrom |…
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