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"1990" Seven images of students and parents being helped at the Admissions table. 90002 .016-.017 - Terral Schut (right, in profile). .023-.024 - Terral Schut (left, in profile). 90003 .010 - Jack Johnson (right side, background). .011 - Terral Schut…
"1990" Seven images of people being helped at the Continuing Education and External Degree Program table. 90002 .007-.009 - Dixie Lund (right, in profile). .012 - From left to right: Kelly Yenser (1st), Dixie Lund (2nd). .013-.014 - Dixie Lund…
"1990" New students and their parents stop at the Admissions table to talk with Terral Schut (right, in profile).
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