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"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1918. A company of soldiers at attention in the street in front of the Y.M.C.A. building on the corner of Depot and Washington." [Possibly the "Home Guard."]
"No. 27 Hotel Northern, Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912. Buildings from left to right: Bank (built 1905), city pharmacy (built circa 1907), Hotel Northern (built circa 1908), C.B. Smith & Co."
"'R.C. Mays & Co. Wholesale Grain Dealers' - picture before 1900. Mays is the 2nd man from the left. Looking west up alley from old Front St. just south of old Main St."
"S.C. Miller Furniture Store, interior - Union, Oregon - circa 1890's"
"A.C. Huntington store interior - pianos and organs - La Grande, Oregon - circa 1890's"

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"Women's Christian Temperance Union - Summerville, Oregon - circa 1885-1887. Identification as follows: (left to right) Top Row: Minnie Gilham Wade, Mrs. Simon McKenzie, Anna Rinehart Smith, unidentified, Jennie Gilham Rinehart, Belle Paul. Front…
"Morrow County Teacher's Institute - Sept. 1913. Identified on back: 1. Miss Hendrich (out from Heppner) 2. Florence Pifer (_____) 3. Mr. Griffin (O.A.C.) 4. Chas Jones (Oregon Teacher's Monthly) 5. Louis B. Kicker (Irrigon) 6. Miss Currin (Heppner…
"East Oregon Lumber Company (Enterprise, Oregon) Baldwin rod engine #3 at Sled Springs - 1928. Dressed in knickers, two women are standing on the engine."
"________ [ice cutting?] Operations P.T.E.C. North Powder, Ore. Jan. 18, 1922"

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"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1930 J.C. Penney Co. Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"
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