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"5/1987 - Harriett Flanagan, State Board Member, EOSC Grad"
"April 1978 - Campus Plan - [Seated from left to right:] Jane Carpenter, Al Batiste, Roy Lieuallen, Greg Moore"
"[William] 'Bud' Davis - New Chancellor" This is an informal portrait of "Bud" Davis wearing a suit blazer, dress shirt and necktie.
"January 28, 1977 - EOSC Presentation to State Board of Higher Education, Friday - Portland, Oregon" EOSC President Rodney Briggs sits at the front table and addresses the State Board during this meeting in 1977.
"Cabell - Board of Higher Education, Speaker" This is an informal portrait of board member, Cabell. He is wearing a tweed blazer, white dress shirt and striped necktie.
"February 6, 1956 - Mrs. E.B. MacNaughton, Oregon State Board of Higher Education" This is a portrait of Mrs. MacNaughton wearing a dark colored suit, a strand of pearls, pearl earrings and eyeglasses.
"Earl M. Pallett, Speaker" This is a portrait of Earl Pallet wearing a light colored tweed blazer, a white dress shirt, a dark necktie with one white band, and eyeglasses.
"Baker - Board Member - EOC Visiting Speaker" This is a portrait of board member, Baker wearing a plaid blazer, a white dress shirt and a patterned necktie.
"4/1985 - Governor Vic Atiyeh visits [Oregon governor 1979-1987]" An official meeting is held during the Governor's visit to campus. Seated next to him (right side, bottom corner) is State Board of Higher Education member, Harriett Flanagan.
"1989 - State Board" Visiting state board members eat lunch in one of the Hoke Hall meeting rooms.
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