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Three images of the area fenced off as a beer garden at the October Festival.
"10/1983 - Octoberfest" - seven images .012 - Burke Thomason (left). .013 - Pat Duffey (foreground table, right end, facing). .017 - Ted Brown (wearing hat), Burke Thomason (next to Brown, facing). .018 - Betty Bohnenkamp (left), Vern Farrow (right).…
"10/20/1981" Two images of a young man playing the guitar and singing at Octoberfest. Behind him, temporary fencing has been set-up in order to enclose the beer garden area, and Hunt Hall is visible in the background.
"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
Those who have been identified are from left to right: John Cobb (2nd), Jim Petersen (3rd), Rodney Briggs (5th), Howard Anderson (6th), Ray Stinnett (8th), and Carol Ann Thew (11th).
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