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"1976 - Joan Henderson, Asst. Professor (1975-76)"
[This picture was cropped from a larger picture that included Paul Couey. It was taken at an administration meeting with nearly a dozen attendees.]
"December 1977 - Don House, Assistant Professor Business (1975-78)" This is an informal portrait of Don House wearing a light colored dress shirt, and a dark striped necktie. He also has a mustache. There are shelves of books behind his head.
"Ivan Harshbarger, assistant professor of physical education and head basketball and tennis coach, has his bachelor of science from Bethel College in Newton, Kan., and his master of science from the University of Oregon. He had a fine first year at…
"1976 - Robert [Bob] Johnson, Asst. Professor Business (1975-78)" This is a small, informal portrait of Robert Johnson wearing a medium colored blazer, light colored casual dress shirt, and black necktie.
"1976 winter/spring - Ethel Trygg, Asst. Professor of Anthropology"
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