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"1953 - Ackerman youngsters in biology exhibit." Children mingle in a 1953 Ackerman Elementary School Classroom. The teacher is at the right near the sort of tank that usually houses gerbils or hamsters. He has his back to the camera.
"Ackerman - The woolen industry is studied by the third grade, training school, Eastern Oregon Normal School"
"Mary H. Roop, E.O.C." This is a formal portrait of Mary H. Roop. She is wearing a tweed blazer over a light colored shell, earrings, and a brooch on her left shoulder. She has dark, curly hair.
"[1930] Caroline Stevenson, Training Teacher, 6th grade, N21" Students and teacher sit at desks in a semi-cirlce in this elementary classroom. There is a bird in a cage in the center, and there are pictures of birds on the wall in the background.
"17" A classroom has been moved outdoors. One group of children are seated at tables reading, and another group is gathered around a table watching an experiment.
"[1930] Lulu Grace Allen, Teacher, 3rd grade, N-18" This is a 1930 elementary 3rd grade classroom setting.
"April 14, 1937" Children sit at their desks facing the front of the classroom where two boys and two girls are reading on either side of a puppet theater.
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