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"1953 - Ackerman youngsters in biology exhibit." Children mingle in a 1953 Ackerman Elementary School Classroom. The teacher is at the right near the sort of tank that usually houses gerbils or hamsters. He has his back to the camera.
"Ackerman - The woolen industry is studied by the third grade, training school, Eastern Oregon Normal School"
Written on memorial plaque: "Through these halls echoed the sounds of learning, laughter, and love. Remember us always. Ackerman Children, Ackerman Laboratory School 1936 - 1996"
"Simon Chavez" This is a studio portrait of Simon Chavez wearing a pin-striped, suit blazer, white dress shirt, and patterned necktie. He worked as a Supervisor of Teaching for grade 6 at Ackerman Laboratory School.
"April 14, 1937" Children sit at their desks facing the front of the classroom where two boys and two girls are reading on either side of a puppet theater.
"April 14, 1937 - Giving a 'movie' based on a story in the reading textbook. The picture is being shown to the rest of the group and appropriate parts of the story read. - 5th & 6th grades"
"April 14, 1937 - Fourth grade assembling in formation and materials for a geography program, 'Life in Holland."
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