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"1953 - Ackerman youngsters in biology exhibit." Children mingle in a 1953 Ackerman Elementary School Classroom. The teacher is at the right near the sort of tank that usually houses gerbils or hamsters. He has his back to the camera.
"Ackerman - The woolen industry is studied by the third grade, training school, Eastern Oregon Normal School"
"May 1988 - Little girl" A young girl stands on top of the "Ackerman Lab. Sch." sign. She is waving.
"Allen Evans w/ two sons, Michael & Chris." Allen Evans stands with his two sons, Michael and Chris behind the "Ackerman Lab. Sch." sign. The Ackerman School building is in the background.
"Mary H. Roop, E.O.C." This is a formal portrait of Mary H. Roop. She is wearing a tweed blazer over a light colored shell, earrings, and a brooch on her left shoulder. She has dark, curly hair.
"[1930] Caroline Stevenson, Training Teacher, 6th grade, N21" Students and teacher sit at desks in a semi-cirlce in this elementary classroom. There is a bird in a cage in the center, and there are pictures of birds on the wall in the background.
"17" A classroom has been moved outdoors. One group of children are seated at tables reading, and another group is gathered around a table watching an experiment.
"[1930] Lulu Grace Allen, Teacher, 3rd grade, N-18" This is a 1930 elementary 3rd grade classroom setting.
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