1982 Football Team


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1982 Football Team


Balls (Sporting goods)
Arkills, M.
Avaava, F.
Barnes, Rick
Bellard, G.
Benjamin, Kevin
Borg, D.
Boult, D.
Boyer, R.
Brooks, D.
Buggs, M.
Clark, J.
Comfort, Merle
Conaway, L.
Gago, S.
Gundlach, Brice
Gundlach, M.
Handy, Perry
Hatfield, K.
Herber, P.
Herron, G.
Herron, Wayne
Hutto, D.
Jackson, M.
Johns, M.
Johnston, J.
Jones, T. J.
Kane, D.
Kinnunen, G.
Lambert, B.
Lawrence, M.
Leota, F.
Longbotham, D.
Louis, C.
Lowe, Mike
Marine, Kevin
Martin, D.
McKee, K.
Meaderds, A.
Moore, R.
Moore, V.
Morita, D.
Murray, D.
Neal, D.
Oba, Saichi
Pina, Michael
Rickard, D.
Ryser, Joel
Simmons, Hank
Simmons, J.
Smith, Ed
Smith, J.
Strickland, Bob
Therien, Bicker
Therien, H.
Thomas, Hosea
Timm, Brett
Vasquez, E.
Walker, B.
Ward, Rick
Wick, B.
Willis, K.
Willmarth, Paul
Wright, M.


"9/7/1982 Football" Two images of the football team posing together in one of the small gymnasiums in Quinn Coliseum. Players identified as appearing in this picture are: M. Arkills, F. Avaava, Rick Barnes, G. Bellard, Kevin Benjamin, D. Borg, D. Boult, R. Boyer, D. Brooks, M. Buggs, J. Clark, L. Conaway, S. Gago, Brice Gundlach, M. Gundlach, Perry Handy, K. Hatfield, P. Herber, G. Herron, Wayne Herron, D. Hutto, M. Jackson, M. Johns, J. Johnston, T.J. Jones, D. Kane, G. Kinnunen, B. Lambert, M. Lawrence, F. Leota, D. Longbotham, C. Louis, Mike Lowe, Kevin Marine, D. Martin, K. McKee, A. Meaderds, R. Moore, V. Moore, D. Morita, D. Murray, D. Neal, Saichi Oba, Michael Pina, D. Rickard, Joel Ryser, Hank Simmons, J. Simmons, Ed Smith, J. Smith, Bob Strickland, H. 'Bicker' Therien, Hosea Thomas, B. [Brett] Timm, E. Vasquez, B. Walker, Rick Ward, B. Wick, K. Willis, Paul Willmarth, M. Wright. Trainer Merle Comfort is in the back row, right end.






Helten, Paula (curator)


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