Binmaley Local Fishing 1

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Binmaley Local Fishing 1


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"Filipino lady fishing in one of the 'milk fish' ponds by the 17th Recon Sqdn camp" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Calmay River Ponds. Poised on a dike in front of Hill's camp at Binmaley (background), this agile and patient Filipino woman is catching non-commercial pond species. Freshwater aqua-culture ponds in the area were controlled by weirs on the Calmay River. At high tide, river and ocean fish might swim into these ponds, but neither they nor the milkfish (bangus) -- the farmed species -- could swim out. While chasing chickens one July afternoon, Hill fell into one of these ponds. A few days later, he helped his neighbor Rapino with harvest: 'When the enclosure [net] became about eight by ten feet, everyone got inside and began to scoop up the fish, shrimp, and crabs with their hands. When they finished, they took their catches over to the river [Calmay] where they dumped the fish into a big dip net to wash the mud away. Also the men bathed themselves. The total was two five-gallon cans, each about two-thirds full of mostly shrimp." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)


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