B-25, "Little Joe" Sea Rescue


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B-25, "Little Joe" Sea Rescue


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Manes, R. Ruben


"Sea Rescue. 17th B-25 'Little Joe' crash landed in Ocean. Crew picked up by Navy PBY from their life rafts" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Rescuing the 'Little Joe' Crew. On July 13, a Photographic Reconnaissance B-25 named 'Little Joe' was shot down near the Halmaheras -- some 450 miles from Biak. Forced to land at sea, the plane sank in four minutes, and the six-man crew was set adrift on a half-inflated, half-leaking life raft. After fighting off sharks, evading detection by enemy planes, and holding on for twenty-five hours, a Navy Catalina (Flying Boat), based on the USS Wright and commanded by Lt C.D. Reeves, rescued all six men: Capt Jowell Wise, 1st Lt Richard Wright, 2nd Lt F.W. Watkins, S/Sgt Paul C. Price, S/Sgt Harold J. Salerno, and the only identifiable airman still in the water on the far right, S/Sgt R. Ruben Manes. Hill saved this photo by an unknown photographer on the Catalina." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)






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