Party, Photo Section 1

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Party, Photo Section 1


Military life
Military uniforms
Baxter, Dick
Bernardo, Ed
Carr, Stafford
Casey, Bob
Countryman, Allan J.
DuBose, Charles C.
Gertz, Albert I.
Hill, Fred
Powers, Earl E.
Price, Russell
Risdon, Dale
Tregea, Forrest E.
Walsch, Ramon J.


"A 17th Photo Section Party at Laurel Miss, Summer of 1943 - Any excuse for a party Last row, standing by film dryer: M/Sgt Ramon J. Walsch, Section Head Back row: A. J. Countryman, Russell Price, Albert I. Gertz, Dale Risdon. Middle row: Dick Baxter, Earl Powers, Fred Hill, Ed Bernardo (chef), Bob Casey, Stafford K. Carr. Front row: anonymous visitor, 1st Lt. Forrest E. Tregea (Photo Officer), 2nd Lt Charles C DuBose." From "Darkroom Soldier": "17th Photo Section Party, Summer, 1943.' En route to the Pacific Theater, Hill's 17th Squadron first trained in Salinas, California. Then, in January, 1943, the squadron moved to Esler Field, Louisiana.... With air power upgraded by the addition of three B-25s, the 17th moved to Laurel, Mississippi, for final training before leaving on September 24 for Virginia. Hill refers to most of these men frequently in his letters...." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)






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Laurel, MS


From the Collection of Fred Hill