Forrest Tregea, ID Photo 1

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Forrest Tregea, ID Photo 1


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Tregea, Forrest E.


"ID shots of Capt Forrest E Tregea - 17th Photo Officer" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Captain Forrest Tregea. A member and Photo Officer in the 17th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron since July, 1942, Capt Tregea knew how to supervise Hill's crew of skilled photography specialists without being heavy-handed and bureaucratic. His men knew their jobs. They did them well. He stayed out of their way. When asked, he approved the Photo Section's salvaging -- for personal use -- of discarded K-17 aerial camera film and damaged photo paper. In exchange, he also chose -- for his personal collection -- any of the photographs his men created with those wasted materials. Perhaps more important for this collection, Hill recalled that, as an officer, Tregea regularly 'caught censor duty' in the same way that enlisted men 'caught KP.' On one occasion, he told Hill and his peers, 'I don't want a single one of you guys sending any pictures home until I'm on censor duty. Then, you should send all the photographs you've accumulated. I'll know a couple of days in advance." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)


Hill, Fred




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