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Eighteen images of a man who appears to be Art Professor Tom Dimond sculpting glass.
An art student uses special shears to cut away excess glass from the piece he is sculpting.
"1/1987 - Art" Seven images of a couple of artists working on their glass sculpting projects while various people watch the procedures.
"December 1979 - Art Students" Seven images of a student sculpting glass.
"December 1978 - Visiting glass blower" - eleven images .003 - Tom Dimond (left). .005 - Tom Dimond (left). .015 - Tom Dimond (right).
"December 1978 - Visiting glass blower" - three images
"November 1978 - Tom Dimond - Glass Blowing" - eight images
"November 1978 - Tom Dimond - Glass Sculpting" - forty-four images
"February 18, 1978 - Open House" Art professor, Tom Dimond demonstrates the steps for glass sculpting.
"March 6, 1976 - Open House"
Art professor, Tom Dimond (wearing headband) demonstrates glass sculpting techniques during the campus Open House.
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