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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of Sam Shorb riding a lawnmower while mowing the grass near the side of Inlow Hall.
"4/4/1983" The front steps of Inlow Hall make a nice spot for a student to stop and read.
"Spring term shots" Thirteen images of a student catching and throwing a frisbee out in front of Inlow Hall.
"Choir Tour" Six images of members of the EOSC Choir preparing to leave on tour. They are loading equipment onto a bus in the parking lot that used to exist next to Inlow Hall and waving good-bye. .007 - [Appears to be:] Dea McAvoy (4th in from…
The sets of stairs and sidewalk leading up to the entrance to Inlow Hall.
One of the stairs and railings that used to run out from the side of Inlow Hall.
Three images of students outdoors at different locations around campus. xx192 .002 - Ackerman Elementary School (partial). .006 - Pierce Library (background). .009 - [Photo appears in the 1968 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 39.] xx195 .012 - Hoke building…
The front entrance to the Walter M. Pierce Library.
An unidentified EOSC employee is out on the front steps area of Pierce Library. He is wearing a derby hat and holding a briefcase. xx186 .019 - Pierce Library entrance. [Background: Same person in 2012.2.xx147.012] .020-.021 - Background: Inlow Hall…
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