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1971 Spring Play - "The Firebugs" - twenty images .001 - From left to right: Carol Galbreath (1st or 2nd, not specified which), Greg Davis (3rd). .002 - Dennis Strachota (center, smoking). .003-.004 - Dennis Strachota (with briefcase). .005 - Dennis…
Six images from an unidentified play with costuming, but very minimal stage setting.
Nine images from a play that appears to be one of Shakespeare's.
Six images from a scene in a play with two actresses near a kitchen table. The one who is seated appears ill, and the other one is looming over her, and appears to be berating her.
Ten images from a play where a live rabbit is used as a stage prop. In six of the pictures, and actress is holding the bunny, and in the other four, the rabbit is in a hutch on stage.
Five images from a scene in a play where two women are talking while one of them looks into a hand mirror and applies lipstick.
Six images of EOSC threatre professor, Lyle Schwarz overseeing the stage set construction for "Oh Dad, Poor Dad."
Two images from an unidentified play with stage sets and costuming. [.005 - Possibly, Carol Galbreath (left).]
Thirteen images from the Humanities Theater Production of "Tom Paine."
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