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"7/1981 - Gymnastics Camp" Seventeen images taken during the Girls' Summer Gymnastics Camp. Here the girls learn about and practice on both the low and high balance beams.

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"1980 - Girls Gymnastics Camp" Six images of young girls using a mini-trampoline to practice the lift and somersault that is necessary to perform the vault. A coach is on hand to spot them through the airtime.

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"December 1977 - trampoline practice"
Those who have been identified are from left to right: Marty Seidler (5th), Jean Neely (6th).

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"1954-55 - Gymnastics, Trampoline" One male tumbler somersaults in the air over a trampoline while three others wait their turns. All four are dressed in dark shorts and t-shirts, and white socks. An older man in a light colored suit watches from theā€¦

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"December 1977 - trampoline practice" A young woman is in the air over a trampoline midway through a somersault. Two other young women watch from the floor level.

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"1980 - Girls Gymnastics Camp" A young girl practices a somersault on the balance beam while being spotted by a young woman during the summer Gymnastics Camp in 1980.

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