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"Snow Creek Mines - Sumpter, Oregon area - Greenhorn District - circa 1901-1903"
"Cove School 1915 +/-" "Greetings from Cove, Oregon"

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"1923 Snow plowing - Carl Long & Bill Miller - between Ben Benshadler & Abner Wade places Snow removal - Horse drawn scraper - Oregon 82 North of Elgin near Carl Long & Emil Miller ranches"
"Eastern Oregon C of E Air Force training - 1942 - lived in Sacajawea Hotel"
"Star Theatre - 10 cents - became The Granada when it was a one theater building - early La Grande, Oregon"
"Warehouses - Haines, Ore." "Alders Bros. Milling Co."
"Stanley, Idaho - from a post card mailed to Lynn Hill July 13, 1937"
Two men sit on and next to a giant log that is being sawed into sections. The man seated on the ground and leaning against the log is holding a cat.
"C.D. Huffman & daughter, Etha - Cove Ave. La Grande, OR"
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