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"High School Senior Class, Jasper Missouri 1895 Back Row: #4 Josephine Fox, #5 Clay Fox (Clayton's dad) Also there, but position unknown: Anna Busby, Anna Howard, Elnora Abendshien, Hattie Hinnamon, Emily McKenzie, Albert Glase, Carrie Cather, Emma…
"Harper College starting back row left to right: 1. Verty Woods (or Tuttle) 2. Jim Woodell 3. Bill Wade 4. George James 5. Anna Choate 6. Ed Sanders 7. Anna McKenzie 8. Elmo Sanders 9. Thilbert Choate 10. Unidentified 11. Unidentified 12. Aletha…
"Elgin High School persons - Senior 1938" Young man at right end of back row appears to be Fred Hill.
"1938 Senior Sneak Dance - Radium Springs" (From previous photo)
"Elgin High School Sr. Class 1914 - Ida Klinghammer (Hallgarth - standing left), Clarice Fine, Lottie Bendshadler, Edith Boyd, Buena Fine, Ethel McNaughton, Audra Cummins (Williams - 7th), Ethel Hansen, Molly Becker (Allen - 9th), Irma Hotchkiss…
"1912 La G HS Senior Class - Etha Huffman front row, 5th from left"
"Left to right: Bruce Hanna, Janice Mi[t]chell, Bruce Thomsen [Thomson]. Would you believe? Senior Class Officers." The three senior class officers pose together for a funny snapshot at "Fat*Ems Pizza." There are numerous beers on the counter in…
"June 1953 - Senior Breakfast - Reps from classes of 1929-1954" Posing together in four rows are men and women who attended the senior breakfast in June of 1953. They are made up of class members from 1929-1954.
"9/1/1991 - Football, Seniors: #9 - Todd McGuire and #4 - Terry Zufelt begin their fourth year with the Mountaineers."
"10/1990 - Seniors" From left to right: Front: John Pinto, #44
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