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"9/1986" Eighteen images of numerous logging trucks staging a rally on campus in order to make a political statement.

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"6/2/1981" Nineteen images of a protest rally held on campus during the visit by the State Board of Higher Education. At the time, there was a possibility of the school being closed and students turned out to voice their concerns. Some of the signs…

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"March 1979 - Cross Country Rally"
Coach Ed Forshee and the cross country ski team get a chance to show off the trophy they have won at a rally held in their honor. The trophy reads: "1st Place Cross Country Combined National Championship."

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"May 7, 1977 - Grande Ronde River Rally and Raft Race - R.R. Queen & Court"

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"May 7, 1977 - Grande Ronde River Rally and Raft Race"
Teams prepare for the race along the shoreline in Hilgard Park.

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Wearing t-shirts with little black or white skirts, members of the Rally Squad have the spectators in the packed stands in a high state of school spirit. A banner hanging from the banister reads, "Beat 'Em Mounties," and there is a giant megaphone on…

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"A war bond sales point - Portland Oregon 1941 (from a slide)"

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