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"1975 Football Practice" - eight images

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"Volleyball" Thirty-one action images taken during a women's volleyball practice in Quinn Coliseum.

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"Spring term shots - Women's Tennis" - five images

Position: 1847 (4 views)
"1972 - Swimming" Sixteen images of young people practicing dives from the high and low boards while also enjoying swimming time in the new Quinn Coliseum pool.

Position: 1847 (4 views)
"Evensong" - six images .013 - "The choir is in place

Position: 1847 (4 views)
Two images of couples crouching through the archway formed by other couples holding hands overhead.

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Five images of EOSC Coach Erling Odegaard overseeing the wrestling practice.

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Six images of an EOSC coach running the team basketball players through practice.

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Two images of a young man practicing his batting skills.

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