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Three images of track athletes practicing their long jumping. .007-.009 - Quinn Coliseum (background).

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Six images of an EOSC track athlete preparing to heave a shot put.

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Two images of a running race between EOSC track athletes. .027 - Quinn Coliseum (background).

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Two images of the women's volleyball team practicing.

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"Track" Nine images of a track athlete practicing his high jump. The bar is set higher than he is tall, but still he makes it look easy as he sails over it.

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Nine images of music professor, John Cobb leading the choir through a practice session.

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"1972 - Girls Volleyball" Two images of the volleyball team with Coach Jean Neely standing in back, second in from the right.

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"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - two images .012 - Coach Jean Neely (right side of door).

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"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - two images

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"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - twenty-two images

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