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"Ben Curtis at the 'Owl Cafe' Union - where the bank parking is in 2001"
"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925 - Owl Drug Co. - The Arch Place"
"Owl Drug Co., Elgin, Oregon, Exclusive Agents - Shelf display of 'Arch' products - 1910+/-"
"Main Street (Depot Street) Elgin, Oregon - Walker Bros. Store which became the Golden Rule Store & later L.J. Bibler Grocery" [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 106, picture no. 76). Lists additional buildings that…
"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925" Storefronts in Elgin, Oregon, including a drugstore called, The Arch Place, selling Owl Drug Company products.
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