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"11/16/1982" Forty-four images of what appears to be the final football game of the season. 82106 .002 - Rick Ward, #9 (kicker). .003 - T.J. Jones, #7. .006 - Bob Strickland, #70 (center)
"9/22/1982 - Football Game: Mounties vs. Whitworth" - forty-four images Appearing in these images: Joel Ryser, #12 (quarterback)
"7/1978 - Football Clinic"
EOSC player, #10 demonstrates the correct form for kicking the ball.
"10/20/1981 - Rick Ward" A referee looks on as EOSC football player, #9 - Rick Ward, is about to either kick the ball or come into possession of it. This is most likely, action occurring during the Homecoming Game.
"11/1985 - Mountie Football" An Eastern Oregon football player kicks the ball as the two teams clash on the line of scrimmage.
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