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"Hoke" This is a slightly out of focus picture of the staircase inside Hoke Hall. Students can be seen on the stairs and down in the lobby. Banners hang from the ceiling in between the spot lighting.
"October 1977 - Hoke" Students walk on the sidewalks under glorious fall foliage in the foreground. The background is Hoke Hall.
"2/23/1982 - Hoke" Hoke Hall and it's surrounding mature landscaping.
"October 1977 - Hoke" Students climb the stairs leading up to Hoke Hall. A leafy birch tree is in the left foreground.
"Hoke" Hoke Hall powdered with a light layer of snow. A couple of scrubby trees are in the foreground.
"11/1983 - Hoke" The stairs leading to the large, side patio on Hoke Hall.
"Hoke College Center" This is an exterior picture of Hoke Hall which was taken not too long after it was built. The landscaping is very new, especially the sapling trees.
"May 19, 1973 - Hoke College Center Dedication and Opening Ceremony" An unidentified official gives a speech at the dedication and opening ceremony for the new Hoke Hall. Seated directly behind him on the right is new EOSC President Rodney Briggs.
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