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"February 1983" Four images of students having a little fun in a room that has a sign hanging over the door which reads: "Publications Complex." [Possibly, Beacon Publications students?]
A group of people stand together in the area where they have been picnicing and watch three of their friends horse around. Walter Reuter is the man on the far right with his back to the camera. [Taken in the hills above La Grande, Oregon.]
A group of people horse around in a cleared, wooded, area. [Taken in the hills above La Grande, Oregon.]
Walter Reuter (on the left) horses around with an unidentified young man while an unidentified young woman watches from the background. [This appears to be one of the forested areas that has been cleared for homesteading in the Blue Mountains outsideā€¦
"William Hutchinson of Union, Oregon"
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