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"1936 - Fred Hall hanging wall paper in the front room of the Lynn E. Hill house in Elgin, Oregon"
"Irene Hofmeister - Lynn Hill's 8th grade teacher - Willow Creek School"
"New baby in house - Marjorie Hill - Elgin - 1933"
"Diamond-Crater Lake Junction - Hill's 1929 Ford - Before cars had trunks"
"1939 - The rental house east of Fred Hill's Studio - clothesline & outhouse - Elgin - Methodist Church steeple in background"
"Dec. 1934 - Lucy Days - La Grande" "The Spot to Bay Hardware and Paints [white sign, middle of businesses on opposite side of street] - Hardware Store was established by Ed Hackman who was formally a salesman for Honeyman Hardware Co. in Portland -…
"1905+/- Rhinehart showing Hill Home - Fred's dad [Lynn E. Hill] left land available for Nez Perce - wigwam poles left there"
"Front of Hill Hardware Store in Elgin, OR - Fred Huffman with grand-nephew Frederick Hill - Stella Benshadler, standing - probably 1923 - circus in Elgin Aug. 17"
"Fred Huffman (closest) and Lynn Hill at the entrance to Hill's Hardware Store in Elgin, OR - As of 2009, Elgin Electric occupies building - Doors have moved forward"
"Hill Hardware Store - Elgine OR - about 1930"
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