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"La Grande, Oregon (High School?) track team, 1905" [The gentleman standing on the right side of the image appears to be Jack H. Peare.]
"La Grande High School Football Team posing in front of the La Grande Commercial Club - circa 1912"
"La Grande High School Football Team - 1915"
"La Grande High School Football Team - 1920" [See: High School yearbook, "MIMIR" - 1921 edition, page 118] Written on back of photograph: "J.H. Bean" - significance unidentified
"La Grande High School Football Team - circa 1905/06 - 1. Daymon, 2. Chet Swackhamer, 3. Wallace Childers, 4. Roy Oliver, 5. Frank Halley, 6. Merle Childers, 7. G. Hansen, 8. Ben Hoppr, 9. Tom Peach, 10. Henre Bay, 11. Ed Shaw, 12. O. Robertson, 13.…
"Wallowa County High School (Enterprise, Oregon) Football Team Championship Portrait 1897-98. Front row: Colonel Graves, Jewett Gardner, George Lautrell [LaTrelle] - 2nd row: (unreadable) Bodwell, Bill Lautrell [LaTrelle], Hank Haas, (unreadable)…
"La Grande, Oregon High School - circa 1923." Eight young women are standing in a dry, fountain in front of the school. The statue that occupied the block in the middle of the fountain has been removed. "Dorothy Smutz (Mrs. Bennie Hicks) has been…
"No. 26 High School (burned circa 1917), Gymnasium (burned circa 1950), and Public Grade School (burned circa 1932), Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912."
"La Grande, Oregon High School track team, circa 1915"
"Cove High School 1923"
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