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"1943-44 Ackerman School, 5th & 6th Grades, 6." This is a class photo of the 1943-44 Ackerman Elementary School 5th and 6th Grades with their teacher. The picture was taken on the front steps of the building.
"East Oregon Lumber Company Grade in the Sled Springs area, Wallowa County - circa 1915."
"No. 26 High School (burned circa 1917), Gymnasium (burned circa 1950), and Public Grade School (burned circa 1932), Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912."
"No. 4 Birdseye view of Wallowa, Ore. from Green Hill looking north - circa 1912." The two public schools are visible in the right side of the picture, just above the tree line. The large building on the left was the Wallowa High School and the light…
"Old Minam Grade Road - about 1900-1910."
"Postcard - Old Minam Grade [Road] about 1914. Two carloads of people on an outing." Written on back of photograph: "Bill Rysdam & Grandpa Rysdam & Families & Rasmussens" [Photograph used in "Supplement to History of Union County, No. 3" (page 104).…
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