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"Dutch New Guinea women waiting while men dance to celebrate the birthday of Netherlands Queen Wilamina"
"A native mother with child in a sling on her back - Participants in a "sing sing" celebrating Dutch New Guinea Queen Wilamina's Birthday. Crepe paper hats were supplied by Gov't. Biak is in Dutch New Guinea"
"Native people of Dutch New Guinea celebrating Netherlands Queen Wilamina's Birthday - crepe paper hats supplied by Gov't""
"Local people at a "Sing Sing" to celebrate Dutch Queen Wilamina's Birthday - Gov't supplied crepe paper hats"
"Local people dance - "Sing Sing" to celebrate Dutch Queen Wilamina's Birthday - Gov't supplied crepe paper head gear" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Queen Wilhelmina's Birthday Party. In 1944, Biak was part of the Netherlands East Indies, a Dutch colony…
"Fred Hill - Carpenter - cutting Latrine seat holes" "Carpenter' Fred Hill, building 8-hole latrine box to take to Leyte - square holes" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Latrine Carpenter. Fred Hill reported to Martha that at least ten men worked eight days…
"Earl Powers, Leinbaugh, + Digging Latrine Pit in solid coral - Biak"
"Digging (Blasting) a latrine Pit in Solid coral on Biak. 2 cases (288 sticks) of dynamite. Powers & Leimbaugh in pit"
"LATRINE SOCIAL Just finished installing the Officer's Latrine - Biak" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Testing, 1,2,3... Ready for any comic relief when their work is finished, enlisted men try out the officers' new latrine. Seated, left to right: Clifford…
"A detail of men have just moved a latrine seat box into position over a pit that required dynamite to dig. The box is a 10 holer - two rows of 5, back to back. A V-10? 17th Recon Sqdn" From left to right: John Kapp, John Nasca, Clifford Jones,…
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