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"April 14, 1976 - Helen Pfel [or Phel, or Peel] and Jean Bluhm" The two women are seated at a table at the 1976 Foundation Fund Drive, and they are both writing out checks.

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"April 14, 1976 - Foundation fund drive kick-off"
From left to right: Paul Couey, Jim Petersen, President Rodney Briggs, and Verl Anderson.

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"December 1979"
A generous donation towards the building of a new sports stadium on campus.

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"3/1982 - Stadium 4th Quarter Drive" - six images .006 - Jim Lundy (standing), Gene Palmer (right of Lundy). In audience: George Fleshman (in profile, Glen McKenzie (in profile), and Rodney Briggs (partial). .010 - From left to right: Rodney Briggs…

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