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"Digging (Blasting) a latrine Pit in Solid coral on Biak. 2 cases (288 sticks) of dynamite. Powers & Leimbaugh in pit"
"Earl Powers, Leinbaugh, + Digging Latrine Pit in solid coral - Biak"
"Fred Hill washing his underwear - Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Laundry at the Spring. Sgt Fred Hill scrubs a pair of shorts at a freshwater spring about halfway down the trail to the tide flats. Given the absence of civilian service workers,…
"17th Photo Gunner Earl Powers watches a swimmer in the ocean at the foot of the cliff by 17th Camp on Ie Shima"
"Tide flat below camp site - Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Tide Flat, Ie Shima. Hill regularly hiked down to the ocean below his camp. Though the trail was 'a rugged climb to get back to camp,' he praised the swimming there, and delighted in…
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