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"Misc. Activities" Wearing a helmet, a skier races downhill in a skiing competition at Anthony Lakes, Oregon.

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"February 1991 - Skiing Championships" - eleven images

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"1/1987 - Skiing" - ten images

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"2/3/1981" Twenty-five images of downhill slalom races during a men's skiing competition.

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"2/3/1981" Two young men slalom through flagged poles as they race each other downhill.

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"EOSC Women's Sports" Wearing a dark colored ski suit with a sponsorship label on the front, goggles and a stocking cap with a pom-pom on top, a woman competes in a downhill run.

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Wearing dark colored, winter clothing and a pinned on number, a skier shows the strain of cross country skiing on their face as they compete

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"Ski Bash - Anthony Lakes" Wearing full winter gear, skis and goggles, a young man directs his downward momentum on the snowy slope with ski poles.

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"February 1991 - Skiing Championships"

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