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"Physical Plant Staff" Two women and three men pose together in a line in their work clothes.
"Physical Plant Staff, 1954-55" The nine men and two women that make up the physical plant staff pose together in their work clothes. [A very similar photo appears in the 1955 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 14.]
"12/11/1975 - Ellen Hartgrove, Bilingual Education Secretary" This is an informal portrait of Ellen Hartgrove seated at the desk in her office. There are two filing cabinets in the back right corner, and a bulletin board hangs on the wall over the…
"12/11/1975 - Bilingual Education"
Bilingual secretary, Ellen Hartgrove (left) and bilingual studies professor, Betty Boricevei [or Baricevic, or Baricevie] (middle) are standing with another woman, and they appear to be happy with the papers they…
"Spring 1976 - Awards Banquet - Betty Peck"
"October 1976 - Deann (Deanna) Carpenter"
"Oct. 11, 1976"
Debbie Allstott working in her office.
"January 1976"
Dorothy Winters.
"Week of April 26, 1976"
Patty Crider works at the "Student Information" desk.
"Week of April 26, 1976 - Vickie Bailey"
She is standing next to a mimeograph copier machine.
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