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"Imnaha, (Wallowa County) Oregon - A.B. Findley residence - built in the fall of 1884. It 'served in its day as post office, court house, home, church, polling place, and hotel.' Photo taken - circa 1915. Left to right: George Dunlap, unknown, Janeā€¦
"Kenneth and Mutt Anderson sitting on #2 Shay in the Bowman Hicks yard in Wallowa. The railroad was being abanoned - 1932."
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Company - Shay #2 - Maxville"
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Co. #2 Shay - Maxville, Oregon - 1924"
"Bowman Hicks Lumber Co. #2 Shay, 70-ton - Hercial Jones, engineer, age 19. He had just been promoted to engineer by Dan Tanner."
"Bowman Hicks yard - Wallowa. Standing by #2 Shay, Hercial Jones, engineer (3rd from left). [Mutt Anderson is one of the two men on the left end.] The railroad was being abanoned - 1932."
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