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"Grande Ronde Drug Store [La Grande?]" Painted sign on the side of the building reads: "Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Oils, [Glass?], School Books and Cigars"
"Ogden packtrain mules - circa 1917 - Cove, Oregon."
"Ogden packtrain mules - circa 1917 - Cove, Oregon."
"Boiler for the Midway Mines Sinking Plant [Pleasant Valley, Baker County, Oregon] - circa 1901-1903. It is riding on a wagon pulled by a 12-horse hitch. Weight: 17,000 lbs. There is a Dress Makers shop directly behind the wagons to the left, and theā€¦
"Pet dog, named 'Chilla,' of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Schoonover of Union, Oregon - prior to 1910."

"J.T. Galloway residence - Poplar Loaf Farm. 3 miles NW of Elgin, Ore. - circa 1895-96. J.T., F.T., E.A., 'Bruin,' J.W."
A herd of horses plunges into a small river near a steel bridge.
"La Grande Stockyards - La Grande, Oreg. - circa 1910"
"Harvest operation at the T.T. Glenn Farm, Summerville, Oregon." A combine and wagon are in the foreground, hoisting machinery for the hay is in the left side background, and a steam-powered thresher is in the right side background.
"No. 140 The Overland Mail (stagecoach pulled by a 4-horse team). Behind the stagecoach, the Enterprise Hotel is under construction - 1902."
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