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  • Collection: Eastern Oregon University Historical Photographs
"Railroad" This is a photo of a train travelling along a river. It appears to be a coal burning engine as there are billows of dark smoke flowing from the smokestack.
"Perry" This is a foot or horse bridge running over the river. There is a large log jam on the other side of the bridge. On the left bank, there are some small wood buildings.

"1907 W.C.H.S. Wallowa County High School. Enterprise, Oregon." "Dear Clara, See any sign of 'logs'? They are preparing to start a nice stone courthouse this fall. The railroad is expected to reach Enterprise tonight. Good bye, Imril" A .01 cent, Ben…
Two young children pose together outdoors near a clothesline and a grazing sheep.
"One of the first cars, probably Mr. Hyatt's."

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Two general stores are pictured here. They are, "Johnston, The Druggist." Selling, "Cigars, Stationery, Musical Instruments, Books, Kodaks, and Drugs" And, "Gibb and Brown" Selling, "Hardware, Shoes, Dry Goods, and Groceries."
"Railroad" This is a photo of a locomotive and the fuel car that is attached directly behind it.
"Railroad" Three men stand and sit near the front of a train locomotive. The are wearing early 1900's era clothing, including hats. There is a fuel car directly attached to the back of the locomotive, and there are also numerous train tracks in the…
"Perry area?" There are three people standing on or near the train tracks at the right of the picture where the white rail fence is located. Other than the tracks, this is mostly a scrubby forested area.
"Perry area?" This is a very rural area with only a few signs of man's intrusion. There are electricity poles and a wire fence.
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