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Maxville, Entertainment 1
"Sunday afternoon entertainment in Maxville, (Wallowa County) Oregon - 1923." Wearing what appears to be a wig under a hat and a fake mustache, one man points a six-shooter pistol at another man who seems to have a face mask on. He has his hands up,…

La Grande, Comedy
"La Grande, Oregon - Four men, dressed in costume, two of them as women - (unreadable, begins with "K"), (unreadable, begins with "R"), Fred Myers, Al Andrews"

La Grande, Street Scene 11
"La Grande, Oregon street scene - before 1911. Looking east on Adams Ave. Advertisement for Selders [manufacturer of candies & ice cream] is on the building on the right." The Foley Hotel is directly on the left.

La Grande, County Fair 2
"La Grande (Union County) - September 22-23, 1902. A balloon ascension, in connection with the County Fair in 1902 brought out the people from miles around the Grande Ronde Valley and from Wallowa County as well. Here, a large crowd is gathered…

La Grande National Bank
"La Grande National Bank, La Grande, Oregon - 1904-1922. Cast Iron Mary is located in the intersection to the right of the bank. Advertising for 'Steward's Opera House' painted on side of building to the left of bank."

La Grande, Moon Drug & GRV House
"Moon Drug Co. store on the corner of Adams and Fir. Advertisement for Coca-Cola painted on the side of the building. Sign for Moon Drug reads: 'Drugs, Ice Cream, Candies, Stationery, ______, ______ ______, Tobacco.' Grande Ronde Valley House is…

Elgin, Hall's Studio
"Mrs. Hall's Studio [became Hart Studio] - east of City Hall in Elgin, Oregon - about 1915. Women in front are: Mrs. Lottie Hall, Mrs. Annie Johns, Nancy (Lewis? Ben Willis' sister), Lola (Bible?) Stelham. Boy may be Myron Hall." Advertising on the…

Tollgate, c. 1915 1
Six, unidentified men stand in front of the toll gate for which the area was named. Written on sign above gate: "Woodward Wagon Road Co." and the various "Toll Rates." Written on sign to the right: "Beckwith Motor Co. - Chalmers, Moon and Apperson…

Island City, Bridge
"First steel bridge in Union County. Spans Grande Ronde River at Island City. - circa 1900" Advertisement on wooden railing of bridge reads: "Guns and Ammunition at Bohnenkamp's" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 190),…

Train Wreck, Collision Aerial 1
Two locomotives, #2700 and Union Pacific 5-M-L, have suffered a head-on collision. Automobiles line the highway next to the railroad tracks as employees work to clear away the wreckage.
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