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Elgin School, First 2




Article refers to picture in 2010.2.625 "Elgin School Dedication Recalls Enrollment of 1894" (No date or byline on article) "Elaborate dedication of Elgin's new elementary school building on May 28 has stimulated interest among oldtimers in early school buildings and school history. This trend brought out of obscurity a picture of the first school building in Elgin, a one-room frame structure which oldtimers note was located on the Baker pasture. That tract of land adjoins the highway into Elgin from Tollgate. The picture in question has been preserved by Elgin's Joe Hallgarth, who sent it to Mrs. B.M. Sherwood....Walla Walla. Mrs. Sherwood was Nora Terwillinger, is one of the 40 or more pupils in the picture. It was taken in 1894, if several 'guesses' on the exact date are not in error. It is agreed that the building was the first school house in Elgin, but the children were not necessarily of the very first classes. The original print is sufficiently clear to make identification of most of the pupils possible. Several Elgin people assisted in the identification. The teacher of the year is referred to as 'Professor' Bean, but beyond the no further information is available. In the following list of children in the picture, no effort to identify each separate child has been made, except to give the names in rows. In the front row: Bert Garner, Jim Freeman, Franke Fine, Chesley Shelton, Joe Hallgarth, Elmer Gobel, Ed Ohms, Alvin Ohms, Ila Teeter, a Teeter boy (first name not available), Gertie Gibson, Myrtle Graham, Laura Stevenson, Stella Shelton, Nellie Hallgarth, three Russell sisters, Lottie Payne, Millie Ingles, Jessie Hallgarth, Florence Higginbotham, Nora Terwillinger, Verda Shelton, one uidentified pupil, Center row, left to right: an unidentified pupil, Rausena Higginbotham, James Higginbotham, Oscar Garner, Andrew Burleigh, George Stevenson, Charley Terwillinger, Back row: Prof. Bean, Carrie Ohms, Laura Ohms, Lona Rainey, Ella Proctor, Laura McNaughton, Anna Stevenson, Cora Baker, Hulda Ohms, Hattie Stevenson, Jeannette McShain, Nora Fine, Rhoda Fine, Rhude Ohms, Tom McNaughton, Gene Masterson, Jack Hallgarth, Chet Williams, George Hallgarth, Dextor McIlroy. Mrs. Sherwood provides additional information about several of the youngsters appearing in the picture. Vera Shelton is Mrs. Charles Gray, La Grande, Florence Higginbotham is Mrs. Shannon, Weiser, Jessie Hallgarth, is Mrs. John Stevenson, Elgin, Nellie Hallgarth is Mrs. E.O. Willson, Portland, Laura Stevenson is Mrs. William Wiggins, Lostine, Myrtle Graham is Mrs. George Stevenson, Portland, Edwin Ohms lives in Idaho, Joe Hallgarth lives in Elgin, James Freeman resides in The Dalles, Nora Fine is Mrs. Charles Chandler, Portland, Jeannette McShean is Mrs. McDowell, La Grande, Cora Baker is Mrs. Harry Patten, Enterprise. Among those who have died are: Minnie Ingles, Tom McNaughton, Oscar Garner, Hattie Stevenson, and Hulda Ohms."






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