C-46, Transport to Ie Shima 2


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C-46, Transport to Ie Shima 2




"C-46's moving the 17th Recon Sqdn from Lingayen Philippines to Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Invading the Ryukyus. Moving north again, Allied commanders had 'seen the strategic importance of the Ryukyus for an air campaign against Japan.... [W]hen the attack on Okinawa lagged shortly after landings on 1 April, the seizure of nearby Ie Shima, desirable because of its three Japanese airstrips, was accelerated.' On April 16, 1945, 'After preparatory bombardment by warships and aircraft, 77th division, less 307th Infantry, begin landing on S and SW coast of Ie Shima....Assault forces moved rapidly inland, hampered more by numerous mines than by enemy opposition
take the airfield and clear about two thirds of the island.' By April 21, the 77th Division had taken control of the island. 'Japanese casualties during the bitter, 6-day battle total 4,700 killed and 149 captured.' American casualties up to 24 April 'total 172 killed, 902 wounded, and 46 missing in action.' So, at Lingayen, Luzon, on July 29, 1945, Hill's 17th Photographic Reconnaissance squadron boarded C-46 Commando freighters for the five-hour flight to Ie Shima in the Ryukyus. As they flew north over the East China Sea, Hill took this photo through the plexiglass window of the C-46 in which he was riding." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)


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