Aerial, Corregidor Landing Zones 3

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Aerial, Corregidor Landing Zones 3




"Landing Zone B - 503rd RCT Paratroopers - Looking down on C-47 w/chutes over tank farm - Good view of lighthouse and tank farm - Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn (Copy made w/ Print Shop Camera)" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Invading Corregidor. In May, 1942, Gen Wainwright unconditionally surrendered all American forces in the Philippines to the Japanese, including the U.S. Army garrison of 11,000 men on Corregidor, a heavily-fortified island outside Manila Bay. On February 16, 1945, as part of the Allied offensive, the 503rd Parachute Infantry was dropped on the island by C-47s of the 54th Troop Carrier Wing. Hill's 17th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron was assigned to document this airborne infantry landing. Before that action, American planes used 3,128 tons of bombs to destroy enemy fortifications. When Hill's Photo Section developed these dramatic photographs, they made and saved extra prints for themselves. 'This information [and photos] would not have passed military censors...and I knew better than to try' to send the photos home. After the war, Hill wrote the Pentagon for permission to make copies of these prints available to the men of the 503rd and C-47 crews. Over the years, he has provided sets of these Corregidor photos to veterans and their families." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)


17th Sqdn.




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