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"Confiscated still apparatus at Enterprise, Oregon." [Eight unidentified men standing behind still are possibly law enforcement officers.] [Photograph used in Wallowa County Chieftan]

An unidentified, little girl stand outside next to the porch of a farmhouse. She is wearing a woven sun hat that is much too big for her.
"J. Haas home - Wallowa County"
"Freezeout School in Wallowa County, Oregon - District #33"
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1921. A large group of WWI veterans posed on the the steps of the high school. Various branches of the service are represented."
Walter Reuter sits on the steps of a porch with two unidentified young women and an older couple.

Walter Reuter sits on the steps of a porch in the middle of two young women, a boy, and an older gentleman.

Walter Reuter sits on the step of a porch that is attached to a cabin. Standing on the porch are an unidentified, young man, two young women, and an older gentleman. [This appears to be one of the forested areas that has been cleared for homesteading…

"1929 Visit - WHR & McCormicks - Lerche" Walter Reuter (front row, seated on the right end), Madeline Reuter (back row, right end), Robert [Bob] Reuter (seated in front, direct center). [The older couple standing on the left are possibly Walter's…
"Fred Hill on barracks steps - Esler Field La."
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