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"Elgin, Oregon - Methodist Ladies Aid group - Meeting at Witherspoon ranch beyond Cricket Flat - 1929"
"1915 Picnic - Woods Ranch" Walter Reuter stands at the back of a large group of people who are all sitting on the ground. The only other person who is standing is a woman who seems to be talking with men on the other side of the group. Madeline…

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"1915 Picnic - Woods Ranch" Walter Reuter (on the left in the back row), sits on the ground with a group of men.

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"1915 Picnic - Woods Ranch" A large group of people pose together outdoors standing in a row. Walter Reuter is on the left end, and Madeline is eighth in from the left, almost directly in the middle.

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"1915 Picnic - Woods Ranch" Walter Reuter helps the women fold blankets after their outdoor picnic.
"1915 Picnic - Woods Ranch" A large group of people sit together in a row on the ground. Madeline Reuter is sixth back from the front, and Walter is fifth down from the back.

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"Cricket Flat, Elgin - Bernal Hug upper ranch"
"Mar. 1912. Elk (after re-loading) Joseph on way to Billy Mdws. Up and away goes a crate of three elk being transferred to a sled for the remainder of the trip after the snow became too deep for wagons. The crates were changed at McCarty Creek after…
"Probably Gettle Ranch 1925 - Gettle Ranch was up the river from Hilgard. Sons were Ed, Sebastian, Ray - don't know parent's names, but the family were close friends of the C.D. Huffmans"

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"1915 Picnic - Woods Ranch" Two unidentified women, the older one in a nice long dress, and the younger one wearing denim overalls, are standing near one another in an area of trees.

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