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"Maj McGuire's P-38 'Putt Putt Maru' - Ace 2nd only to Maj Bong"
"Camera Shy' Photo Recon P-38 nose art"
"Thumper - on 17th Recon Sqdn B-25 - Nose art"
"Portrait of 17th Recon Sqdn 'Stinky Jo' from side, slightly rear view. Serial no. 287282"
"17th Recon B-25 'Stinky Jo' - Portrait of an airplane" Serial no. 287282
"Nose and missions marks of 17th Recon B-25 'Sticky Kitty"
"Early Mitch the Witch - nose art and engine close-up"
"17th Recon Sqdn B-25 'Mitch The Witch' with ground crew. Piloted by Bert Sill & crew. Shot down 'Sally' Jap Bomber"
"Nose art. 17th Recon Sqdn B-25 'Mitch the Witch' - Straight side view - not all missions tallys show" "From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fuselage Art. Painting nicknames, names and personalized icons on the fuselage was an unsanctioned but traditional art…
"B-25 Mitch the Witch - nose and left engine - No crew members in the photo"
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