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"B-25 Mitch the Witch - nose and left engine - No crew members in the photo"
"B-24 Photo Mapping Plane 'Hangover Haven' - An outstanding Cpl Merkling production / Masterpiece"
"Idle Curiosity' B-24 Photo Recon nose art"
"Camera Shy' Photo Recon P-38 nose art"
"Maid in the USA' B-24 nose art"
"Disney character 'Pluto' B-24 nose art" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fuselage Art. Painting nicknames, names and personalized icons on the fuselage was an unsanctioned but traditional art of Army Air Force crews. The motifs were varied and extensive --…
"Nose art - The nose and Mission record of 17th Recon Sqdn's 'Little Joe,' C.O. Maj Wise's plane"
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