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"October 1980" Five images of EOSC cross country runners signing up and waitng to compete in a Meet against their counterparts at North Powder and Whitman. .002 - Coach Gary Feasel (in profile, bending over table). .003-.004 - [Appears to be:] Don…
"October 15, 1977 - Campus scenes" Three images of people running on the track. .008 - Hunt Hall (background)
"Oct. 9, 1976 - Track Meet"
Runners wait in anticipation along the starting line for the starter pistol to be fired.
"Oct. 9, 1976 - Track Meet"
Competitors in the track meet are gathered together on the EOSC baseball field. Near the center of the image, the man who is pointing appears to be track coach, Gary Feasel.
"October 1980" Coach Gary Feasel prepares to fire off a starter's pistol as young women line up along the starting line. The competition will pit cross country team members from EOSC against their counterparts at North Powder and Whitman.
"October 1980 - Gary Feasel, Track Coach" Competing runners are monitored from the sideline by Coach Gary Feasel.
"A spray of sand splatters" Wearing a dark colored tank shirt, an Eastern Oregon track athlete gets a face full of sand as he completes his long jump. [Photo appears in the 1968 Mountaineer yearbook, pg.4.]
Wearing a uniform tank shirt with a large "E" on the front, a track athlete is up in the air in the middle of his long jump attempt. In the background, a scoreboard, full-size vans, cars, and Quinn Coliseum are all visible.
Wearing an "Eastern Oregon" uniform tank shirt, a runner gives it all he's got as he heads towards the hurdle in front of him. In direct competition with the opposing team member running in the lane alongside him, the pressure is evident on his face.
Wearing "Eastern Oregon" uniform tank shirts, one runner of a relay race team hands off the baton to his fellow teammate. An opposing, team member in a dark colored uniform has pulled just ahead of them on the track. Other athletes and spectators…
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