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"May 1977"
A woman prepares to climb into a Ford Bronco in order to drive students to an off campus destination.
"6/1982 - Faculty send-off for Micronesia" - twenty-nine images 82065 .006 - John Millay (right). .010 - From right to left: Rodney Briggs (1st), Robert Ward (2nd), John Millay (3rd, partial). .011 - Rodney Briggs (right end), Robert Ward (next to…
Two images of a small party that appears to be for an employee's send-off. A greeting card in both pictures reads: "You're Leaving." .006 - From left to right: Yvonne Tagge (1st), Mike Daugherty (3rd).
"Choir Tour" Six images of members of the EOSC Choir preparing to leave on tour. They are loading equipment onto a bus in the parking lot that used to exist next to Inlow Hall and waving good-bye. .007 - [Appears to be:] Dea McAvoy (4th in from…
"February 1984 - Liann Bartmess, Leaving" - four images .011-.012 - Terral Schut (left), Liann Bartmess (right). .013 - Liann Bartmess (front), [appears to be:] Dee Curtis (background, right). .014 - Liann Barmess (center).
"5/1985 - Campus candids" Four images taken at a departure party for "Linda."
"10/1985 - Sheryl Derdowski, new personnel director [right]
"7/1986" Fourteen images taken during a send-off party for women's athletics coach, Laurie Turner. .001 - Laurie Turner. .002 - Jerry Howell. .003 - From left to right: Joan Jackson (1st), Terral Schut (3rd). .004 - Mindi Mouritsen. .005 - Laurie…
"5/1986" Four images of faculty and students loading up a bus for a music tour. .010 - Pierce Library (background). .011 - John Cobb (left end, back to camera). .012 - John Cobb (left end).
"1990" Fourteen images taken during an office party for an unidentified employee who is leaving. .005 - Nancy Youlden (right). .006 - Kim Timm (left, seated). .008 - Dave Gilbert (right, in profile), Sandi Boren (middle background). .009 - Dave…
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